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Thompson & Morgan®: Seed Germination Guide

Coping with Tiny Seeds
Tiny seeds, almost as fine as dust, such as begonia and calceolaria, can be difficult to handle. Sometimes, in fact, the foil packet seems to contain nothing except a trace of dust-sized particles. Here's how to make a success of a tricky task.

1. Use a small pan or pot for sowing, about 4 or 5in (10 or 12.5cm) is adequate.

2. Fill the pan or pot to overflowing with the seed compost, then firm it first with your fingers, then with a wooden presser.

3. Pour a heaped teaspoon of silver sand into the seed packet and shake to mix sand and seed.

4. Sow the seed direct from the packet, tapping it slowly to release the sand-seed mixture evenly over the compost.

5. Do not cover the seed with compost, simply press them into the surface with the wooden presser.

6. Water the compost from underneath by standing the tray or pot in a bowl of tepid water.

7. Cover with a piece of glass, cling film or seal inside a polythene bag to keep the compost moist and the atmosphere slightly humid.

8. Remember that very fine seeds have a lower germination rate than normal-sized ones and the correct temperature for germination is very important.

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