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99 Cent Sale

Cosmos sulphureus 'Brightness Mixed' Cosmos sulphureus 'Brightness Mixed'
Showed superb performance in our trials! Free-flowering plants in a mix of gold, lemon, orange and red make this varie...  more details »
Pansy x w 'Karma Blue Butterfly' F1 Hybrid Pansy x w 'Karma Blue Butterfly' F1 Hybrid
A totally unique pansy! Spectacular flowers in an unusual color combination, which is reminiscent of a tropical butter...  more details »
Nasturtium majus 'Double Delight Cream' Nasturtium majus 'Double Delight Cream'
The best-flowering double nasturtium in Thompson & Morgan trials! Fabulous double to semi-double, large cream f...  more details »
Zaluzianskya capensis 'Night Phlox' Zaluzianskya capensis 'Night Phlox'
Pretty, phlox-like ½in white and maroon flowers that open in the late evening, releasing a delicious scent. Gro...  more details »
Salpiglossis sinuata 'Kew Blue' Salpiglossis sinuata 'Kew Blue'
'Kew Blue' adds height and a touch of class to your summer displays. Slender stems bear clusters of velvet-like flower...  more details »
Legousia pentagonia 'Looking Glass' Legousia pentagonia 'Looking Glass'
Attractive Mediterranean annual is covered with pretty purple and lilac-blue flowers with a startling white center. Fl...  more details »
Winter Squash Buffy Winter Squash Buffy
Each sweet, nutty 10 oz. fruit is round and smooth with buff-colored skin. Great for baking whole in the oven and stor...  more details »
Dianthus barbatus 'Kaleidoscope Mixed' Dianthus barbatus 'Kaleidoscope Mixed'
Color-changing blooms of pink, lilac and rose make a dynamic display in your garden or cut-flower bouqets. Germination:...  more details »
Brussels Sprout Trafalgar F1 Hybrid Brussels Sprout Trafalgar F1 Hybrid
Just imagine a brussels sprout you can serve at the dinner table, and the children come back for seconds! Thanks to th...  more details »
Cosmos Bipinnatus 'Sweet Sixteen' Cosmos Bipinnatus 'Sweet Sixteen'
Eye-catching, softly blushed pink blooms, each with a distinctive darker pink picotee edge and an attractive double fr...  more details »

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