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Part Shade Annuals

Sweet Pea o. 'Ballerina Blue' Sweet Pea o. 'Ballerina Blue'
A proven winner! Bred by a T&M customer, this vigorous climber produces large, highly scented flowers, with 4 superior...  more details »
Viola x hybrida 'Rose Shades' Viola x hybrida 'Rose Shades'
A delightful, bushy, compact and free-flowering variety in delicious rose shades, plus the added bonus of a sweet frag...  more details »
Nasturtium majus 'Crimson Emperor' Nasturtium majus 'Crimson Emperor'
Its lax, trailing habit makes 'Crimson Emperor' a perfect ground cover. Equally stunning trailing over the side of a wa...  more details »
Nasturtium minus 'Banana Split' Nasturtium minus 'Banana Split'
Simply outstanding performance! A must for containers and the front of borders, 'Banana Split' produces masses of flow...  more details »
Nasturtium majus 'Double Delight Cream' Nasturtium majus 'Double Delight Cream'
The best-flowering double nasturtium in Thompson & Morgan trials! Fabulous double to semi-double, large cream f...  more details »
Antirrhinum m 'Royal Bride' Antirrhinum m 'Royal Bride'
Stately plants with rich green foliage and spikes of large, purest white snapdragon flowers which have a rare, gorgeou...  more details »
Coleus scutellarioides'Dragon Sunset & Volcano Mixed' Coleus scutellarioides'Dragon Sunset & Volcano Mixed'
A stunning mixture, offering deeply serrated foliage in scarlet and pink shades, plus deep-red, apricot and gold. Germ...  more details »
Bacopa cordata 'Snowtopia White' Bacopa cordata 'Snowtopia White'
The delightful snow-white selection, spectacular when planted on their own or with other plants in baskets or container...  more details »
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Coleus x hybridus 'Kong Mixed' Coleus x hybridus 'Kong Mixed'
An exciting breakthrough in breeding. Huge, eye-catching, richly colored foliage, with leaves up to 12in long. Quick t...  more details »
Nasturtium majus 'Jewel of Africa' Nasturtium majus 'Jewel of Africa'
Attractive cream marbled and striped foliage, clothed in a vibrant mixture of flowers. Excellent used in containers or...  more details »

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