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Pepper Seeds

Chili Pepper Thai Dragon F1 Hybrid (Almost Atomic) Chili Pepper Thai Dragon F1 Hybrid (Almost Atomic)
Not for the faint hearted, this variety gives habenero a run for its money! The prolific plants often yield up to 200 ...  more details »
Chili Pepper Prairie Fire  (Atomic) Chili Pepper Prairie Fire (Atomic)
They might look small, but they certainly make up for size when it comes to flavor! One bushy plant will give you a no...  more details »
Sweet Pepper Mini Belle Mixed Sweet Pepper Mini Belle Mixed
Dwarf, compact plants produce a huge crop of small, block-shaped sweet peppers in red, orange and chocolate colors. Ea...  more details »
Sweet Pepper Mohawk F1 Hybrid Sweet Pepper Mohawk F1 Hybrid
Dwarf, compact 20in tall plants ideal for growing in containers in the greenhouse or a sunny patio outdoors. Produces ...  more details »
Chili Pepper Padron ( Moderately Hot) Chili Pepper Padron ( Moderately Hot)
The tapas pepper! Enjoy this Spanish eating experience from your own garden. Ideal picked when small and green for low...  more details »
Chili Pepper Heatwave (Hot) Chili Pepper Heatwave (Hot)
Gardeners and cooks can enjoy the pleasure of this mixture containing red, yellow and orange. Beautifully ornamental a...  more details »
Chili Pepper Black Pearl(Hot) Chili Pepper Black Pearl(Hot)
A unique, black-leaved chili pepper, greenish when young, changing to glossy black under sunny conditions. Bushy, well...  more details »
Chili Pepper Numex Twilight Chili Pepper Numex Twilight
Unique, ornamental 3/4-in-long peppers change color just like a gorgeous sunset. Ripening from purple before fading to...  more details »
Rudbeckia - Hirta  'Cherry Brandy' Rudbeckia - Hirta 'Cherry Brandy'
The first-ever red rudbeckia from seed! Rich cherry-red blooms on robust plants flower all summer whatever the ...  more details »
Rudbeckia - hirta Prairie Sun Rudbeckia - hirta Prairie Sun
Spectacular bright orange petals, radiating back to pale lemon-yellow tips with an intriguing green central cone. An i...  more details »

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