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French Fry & Vegetable Cutter French Fry & Vegetable Cutter
Perfect for carrots, potatoes and zucchini! Makes preparing healthy snacks and party trays quick and easy. Blades are ...  more details »
Potato Yukon Gold Potato Yukon Gold
Discover why this is an all-time favorite. Big, early and great-tasting, these yellow-fleshed spuds are perfect for ba...  more details »
Out of Stock
Potato Russian Banana Potato Russian Banana
Easy to grow and excellent flavor! 4-6in fingerling potatoes are quite popular with chefs and in specialty markets whe...  more details »
Out of Stock
Potato Red Pontiac Potato Red Pontiac
Best mashing potato! Solid tubers with thin red skin, shallow eyes and crisp white flesh have a long-lasting quality. ...  more details »
Out of Stock
Potato Bintje Potato Bintje
Exotic heirloom from the Netherlands is the best by far for roasting and frying! Rich flavor also works well for boili...  more details »
Out of Stock
Potato French Fingerling Potato French Fingerling
The gourmet's choice. Lovely fingerling potatoes have creamy waxy yellow flesh with some splashes of pink and rosy pin...  more details »
Out of Stock

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