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Guide to Canadian Vegetable Gardening Guide to Canadian Vegetable Gardening
Follow a nurseryman with over 20 years experience as he provides all the information Canadian gardeners will need for a ...  more details »
$18.95  $11.49
Compost Aerator Compost Aerator
Activates decomposition of compost heaps at all different levels. Two sets of activating wings fold to push into compo...  more details »
Supamoss Supamoss

Direct from the UK, Supamoss is a completely flexible, environmentally friendly liner you can use with ease. This nat...  more details »

Tea Set - Luxury Tea for Two Set Tea Set - Luxury Tea for Two Set

Made in England.

An elegant tea service for two made of fine bone china. Set includes two 8 ...  more details »

Tubtrugs Tubtrugs
Food Grade-certified, multi-use Tubtrugs® are ideally suited for carrying liquids, plant waterers, as organizers, ...  more details »
Seed Starting Kit Seed Starting Kit
The Simplest Method for Superior Seedlings!
Thompson & Morgan's complete Seed Starting Kit allows you to qu...  more details »
Cowpots® Cowpots®
Made from 100% renewable composted cow manure, Cowpots® break down fast in the ground and enrich the soil. They're...  more details »
Felco<sup>®</sup> Professional Pruning Shears Felco® Professional Pruning Shears
Ergonomically designed pruner requires less work. Reduces blisters and hand fatigue. Hardened steel blade features a c...  more details »
Merrill's Compost Tea Merrill's Compost Tea
Jumpstart the health of your plants with Merrill's All Natural Compost Tea! A special blend of Merrill's Rodale Organi...  more details »
Compressed peat blocks containing a specially formulated fertilizer. Simply add to water and watch them swell, ready ...  more details »

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