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Funnel Fits Garden Tool Storage System Funnel Fits Garden Tool Storage System
Contains all the necessary hooks and hangers to store your most commonly used garden tools, keeping them neat and sec...  more details »
$29.95  $19.99
Guide to Canadian Vegetable Gardening Guide to Canadian Vegetable Gardening
Follow a nurseryman with over 20 years experience as he provides all the information Canadian gardeners will need for a ...  more details »
$18.95  $11.49
Soil Tester Soil Tester

This soil tester will instantly tell you the acidity level of the soil in any area of your garden. Equipped with this...  more details »

Compost Aerator Compost Aerator
Activates decomposition of compost heaps at all different levels. Two sets of activating wings fold to push into compo...  more details »
Tubtrugs Tubtrugs
Food Grade-certified, multi-use Tubtrugs® are ideally suited for carrying liquids, plant waterers, as organizers, ...  more details »
Square & Round Peat Pots Square & Round Peat Pots
Stop transplant shock in its tracks! Start your seeds and cuttings indoors, then transplant, pots and all, to your out...  more details »
Cowpots® Cowpots®
Made from 100% renewable composted cow manure, Cowpots® break down fast in the ground and enrich the soil. They're...  more details »
Sticky Fly Traps Sticky Fly Traps

These yellow sticky fly traps are an easy way to catch whitefly and other troublesome flying insects. Control a rang...  more details »

Merrill's Compost Tea Merrill's Compost Tea
Jumpstart the health of your plants with Merrill's All Natural Compost Tea! A special blend of Merrill's Rodale Organi...  more details »
Seed Starting Kit Seed Starting Kit
The Simplest Method for Superior Seedlings!
Thompson & Morgan's complete Seed Starting Kit allows you to qu...  more details »

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