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Merrill's Compost Tea Merrill's Compost Tea
Jumpstart the health of your plants with Merrill's All Natural Compost Tea! A special blend of Merrill's Rodale Organi...  more details »
Wig Wam Support 2 Wig Wam Support 2
An easy way to strongly support canes for runner beans and sweet peas.  more details »
Out of Stock
Natural Beginnings™ Seed Starting Mix Natural Beginnings™ Seed Starting Mix
Seeds sprout faster and at a much higher rate than in leading commercial mixes. Made from coconut fibers, which retain...  more details »
Out of Stock
Grower Frame Grower Frame
Protected and portable growing space accommodating taller plants up to 39 inches high. Can be used as a temporary gree...  more details »
Out of Stock
Grower Poly Cover Grower Poly Cover
Ideal growing shelter for trays, pots and nursery beds. Grower Poly Cover fits over the Grower Frame (not included) an...  more details »
Out of Stock
Paper Potter Paper Potter
An easy way to recycle old newspapers and make your own pots. When seedlings are ready to plant out, transplant them s...  more details »
Out of Stock
The Sweet Pea Book The Sweet Pea Book
An inspiring and practical book for gardeners who love these elegant, fragrant flowers. Contains advice on seed rai...  more details »
Out of Stock
Gardening Book : Hellebores Gardening Book : Hellebores

The definitive book on one of today's hottest perennials, thanks to their early bloom, long-lasting flowers, shad tol...  more details »
$34.95  $14.49
Out of Stock

Strawberry Jar Strawberry Jar
Not only does it help your strawberries grow lush and full, but it also looks great on your patio! 14 inch tall Dura-Co...  more details »
Out of Stock
Breathable Composter Breathable Composter
Setup is a breeze with this composter. Remove the lightweight carrying case and it will pop open. Peg it to the ground...  more details »
Out of Stock

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