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Perennial Seeds

Nepeta nervosa 'Blue Moon' Nepeta nervosa 'Blue Moon'
A neat, dwarf, bushy habit with large, dense blue flower spikes over a very long period. Quick to flower: 12-16 weeks ...  more details »
Meconopsis grandis Meconopsis grandis
Sturdy and long lived, with huge flowers of a wonderful blue, shot with violet, on erect stems. Germination: 30-100 da...  more details »
Pansy x w 'Karma Blue Butterfly' F1 Hybrid Pansy x w 'Karma Blue Butterfly' F1 Hybrid
A totally unique pansy! Spectacular flowers in an unusual color combination, which is reminiscent of a tropical butter...  more details »
Delphinium 'New Zealand Hybrids' Delphinium 'New Zealand Hybrids'
Top-quality, strong flower spikes in a wide range of colors. Bred for its exceptional performance and outstanding dise...  more details »
Francoa sonchifolia 'Pink Giant' Francoa sonchifolia 'Pink Giant'
Large spikes of bicolored pink petals bloom heartily and reliably year after year, growing up to 3ft tall. A perfect a...  more details »
Malva sylvestris 'Mystic Merlin' Malva sylvestris 'Mystic Merlin'
A magical back-of-border plant with a profusion of large, silky blooms in shades from rich purple, through mauve, to t...  more details »
Hollyhock r. 'Peaches 'n' Dreams'™ Hollyhock r. 'Peaches 'n' Dreams'™
The hollyhock of your dreams! Tall, stately flower spikes packed with lots of large, fully double, cloudy blooms of cr...  more details »
Heuchera 'New Hybrids' Heuchera 'New Hybrids'
T&M's mix of hybrids with green to bronze foliage, some marbled and veined with smooth or wavy leaves and white, cream...  more details »
Cyperus papyrus Cyperus papyrus
Ancient Egyptians flattened and dried the stems of this decorative grass to make a form of paper. Best suited to house...  more details »
Agastache hybrida 'Astello Indigo' Agastache hybrida 'Astello Indigo'
Both your garden and kitchen benefit from these intriguing indigo-colored blooms. Flavored like licorice, their fragran...  more details »

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