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Cosmos bipinnatus 'Rubenza' Cosmos bipinnatus 'Rubenza'
Our 2010 Flower of the Year. Wonderfully easy-to-grow plants which flower all summer until the first frosts. Th...  more details »
Antirrhinum m 'Royal Bride' Antirrhinum m 'Royal Bride'
Stately plants with rich green foliage and spikes of large, purest white snapdragon flowers which have a rare, gorgeou...  more details »
Nasturtium majus 'Double Delight Cream' Nasturtium majus 'Double Delight Cream'
The best-flowering double nasturtium in Thompson & Morgan trials! Fabulous double to semi-double, large cream f...  more details »
Nigella d. 'Moody Blues' Nigella d. 'Moody Blues'
An exquisite mixture of love-in-a-mist, bringing together some spectacular double blooms in a delightful blend of blue...  more details »
Fragrant Garden Grab Bag Fragrant Garden Grab Bag
Scintillating fragrance will fill the air in and around your garden. Our exceptional, money-saving offer includes an ar...  more details »
$23.44  $9.99
Customer Favorites Grab Bag Customer Favorites Grab Bag
From trailing blooms to feathery flower spikes, your flower garden will flourish with these 6 varieties specially chose...  more details »
$23.94  $9.99
Annual Garden Grab Bag Annual Garden Grab Bag
Make beautiful summer bouquets for your home or for friends and family with cut flowers from this grab bag selection. T...  more details »
$20.94  $9.99
Delphinium x. cultorum 'Centurion Lilac Blue Bicolor F1 Hybrid' Delphinium x. cultorum 'Centurion Lilac Blue Bicolor F1 Hybrid'
One of the very best delphiniums from seed, equal in quality to expensive cutting-raised plants. The tall, sturdy stem...  more details »
Herb Cilantro 'Calypso' Herb Cilantro 'Calypso'
British breeding on this essential and increasingly popular herb/salad leaf. 'Calypso' is a 'cut and come again' leaf:...  more details »
Out of Stock
Zinnia elegans 'Candy Mixed' Zinnia elegans 'Candy Mixed'
So easy to grow! Exceptional quality Scabious-flowered zinnias in a wide range of bright colors including red, cream, ...  more details »
Out of Stock

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