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Thompson & Morgan®: Vegetable Growing Guide

Celery and Celeriac

Celery is a crop that requires a lot of attention, while celeriac is more hardy and requires rather less management.

Trench celery requires early preparation of the site with a 1ft (30cm) trench dug early in the year. The bottom is filled with 6in (15cm) of manure or compost, followed by a 3in (7.5cm) layer of soil. The remainder of the soil is used for earthing up the crop.

Self-blanching and green celery varieties require no earthing up and are rapidly increasing in popularity, while celeriac is treated as a root crop and can be stored in peat or sand for use throughout the winter.

Allow about 9in (23cm) apart each way for celery plants and slightly more for the celeriac. Both crops need adequate moisture throughout the growing period.

Celery should be protected from autumn frosts with straw, bracken or cloches. Celeriac can be lifted in late autumn and stored.

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