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Thompson & Morgan®: Vegetable Growing Guide


Greenhouse varieties sow early in the year singly in small pots of compost with the seeds about ½in (1.25cm) deep. Germination takes 3 - 15 days at 70-75F (21-24C). Plant singly into 5in pots and grow on at about 65F (18C).

Plant out at the four-leaf stage into large pots or growing bags allowing three plants to a standard-size bag. Water regularly but avoid waterlogging. Train the main stem up a cane or wire to the roof of the greenhouse, pinch out the growing point and allow two side shoots to develop.

Spray with water at greenhouse temperature during hot weather and feed weekly with a liquid fertiliser such as Maxi-crop. All-female varieties can be allowed to fruit only on the main stem with the side shoots removed along with any male flowers that might appear.

Outdoor cucumber seeds are started off the same as the indoor cucumbers but timed so that the plants are ready for hardening off and transplanting in late spring. Outdoor plants, other than bush varieties, will trail and should be given support to climb over. Bush varieties can be grown in growing bags, allowing three plants to a bag.

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