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Garden Supplies - Fertilizer - Swell Gel & Sure Feed Duo
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Fertilizer - Swell Gel & Sure Feed Duo
Fertilizer - Swell Gel & Sure Feed Duo

We've run out of our traditional Fertilizer, but want to offer our customers a product that will provide the same results for the same cost. Introducing our Swell Gel & Sure Feed Duo packet - designed to go together to ensure more trouble free gardening.

Each packet weighs 6.35 oz ounces of combined Swell Gel & Sure Feed.

Swell Gel: Water storing granules. Swell Gel has a controlled release. This means you save up to 75% in watering time while improving plant growth. Gone are the days when your plants are at the mercy of an unexpected hot, dry spell. Each tiny granule of Swell Gel stores up to 400 times its own weight. This creates gel 'chunks' in the growing medium. Roots will grow quickly through them, gaining access to many days supply of precious stored water.

Swell Gel will absorb and release water many times over the growing season and will become your plants' best friend.

Sure Feed: Controlled Release Fertilizer. Provides a fully-balanced supply of nutrients that are control released over 5-6 months. This allows a greatly reduced liquid feeding later in the season while enhancing plant growth.

Sure Feed releases its nutrients to your plants at the optimum rate and time, thus no wastage!

Even with Sure Feed, some feeding will be necessary later in the season, but in combination with SwellGel, hours of tedious watering and feeding will be saved.

Pack Contents: 12% Total Nitrogen / 6% Nitric Nitrogen / 6% Ammoniacal Nitrogen 12-3-8 with trace elements. Each packet weighs 6.35 oz

Please keep this product away from children and pets.

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Fertilizer - Swell Gel & Sure Feed Duo
91725 - 6.35 oz each
Price:  $3.95 

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Product Details
Ship Season: both Spring & Fall
Items Per Package: 6.35 oz each
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