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Radish Seeds - Radish Poloneza (Globe)
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Radish Poloneza (Globe)
Radish Poloneza (Globe)

Enjoy the crisp, white flesh of this Sparkler type within 30 days of sowing! Summer radish produces round, red-skinned roots with an attractive white splash at the tip. Color may tinge pink occasionally, but flesh is always mild flavored, never pithy. 30-35 days.

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Radish Poloneza (Globe)
93399 - 1 Packet (500 seeds)
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Product Details
Ship Season: both Spring & Fall
Items Per Package: 1 Packet (500 seeds)
Height: 5-6"
Bloom Time/Days To Maturity: Mature after 4-6 weeks
Zone: 3-9
Sun/Shade: Full sun
Spacing: Space rows 8-18 inches apart, planting eight to ten seeds per foot. Thin to one plant every 2 inches.
Depth: 1/2"
Spread: 5"
Germination: 4-6 days
Comments: The mild-tasting, crisp white flesh may show some pink tinge, but is not pilthy.
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