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Seed Starting Kit
Seed Starting Kit

The Simplest Method for Superior Seedlings!
Thompson & Morgan's complete Seed Starting Kit allows you to quickly, easily and successfully start seeds of all kinds. Each kit contains everything you need for fast germination and vital root growth.

  • Optimum growing environment offers a jumpstart to even the most hard-to-grow seeds. Makes growing healthy, hearty plants simple!
  • No messy potting soil! Our Grow Plugs (included) feature expandable holes that adjust to any size.
  • Contains beneficial bacteria that out-performed other growing media in trials.
  • Sow and grow seeds. Then, plant them directly in your garden! This method promotes more vigorous root growth and less transplant shock.
  • Optimum water-to-air ratio aids in healthy root development. It also prevents common molds and diseases.
  • Clear plastic Humidity Dome holds in warmth and moisture, ensuring early, uniform germination.
Kit includes: Styrofoam Growing Tray, Reservoir Tray, Soil-less Grow Plugs and Humidity Dome.

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Thompson & Morgan Seed Starting Kit 55 Cell
93633  $29.99
Thompson & Morgan Seed Starting Kit 10 Cell
93635  $14.99
Refill Plugs For Seeds Starting Kit- 55 PACK
81229  $19.99
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Ship Season: both Spring & Fall
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